Review of the Department

   Hainan National Land Resources Bureau is the compositional department of the People's Government of Hainan Province,which is in charge of the work of province's land and mineral resources. The main responsibilities are:  

(1) We are responsible for establishing and implementing the law, regulations and policies of the land resources and mineral resource management,as well as standardizing the order of the the whole land and resources management.It is responsible for implementing the national development plans and strategies of the land and resources; it is organizing the formulation of the development planning and carrying out situation analysis, studying and putting forward the policy and recommendations of total supply and ...


LeadershipJian Chun-Chen, male, born in May 1958, the Han nationality, postgraduate degree, MBA, paticipate in work from August, 1974. joined the Chinese Communist Party in November 1975.Former Guangdong Public Security Bureau office clerk, Hainan Administrative Personnel Clerks, the Hainan Provincial Office of Personnel wage insurance benefits office of Labor and Social Security clerk, dir...


InstitutionsHainan Provincial Department offers 12 division-level functions of the body(1) Office (Petition Office).We are responsible for the work of telegrams, meetings, confidential,other organs work, daily functioning government supervision and office modernization and management, education guidance and management; we undertake security, confidentiality and petition work; draft compre...

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